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GB_Accorhotels_crazyprices_300x250 Accor is the world's leading hotel operator, as well as being one of the market leaders in Europe, operating in 90 countries worldwide, in 4229 hotels that containing 507,306 rooms. The Accor Brand hotels offer the finest amenities in hotel visits that are tailored to the specific desires and needs of each leisure or business guest. Accor is dedicated to providing the finest stays for guests at every one of our hotels, regardless of how long you stay, or whether it is a five star or economy hotel, our guests are the reason we are here, they have brought us to this point, and continue to enjoy our luxurious amenities and the finest, friendly staff in the world that are here for you 24/7.

The next time you are deciding on a hotel, be sure to check out the many locations around the world that Accor services and the magnificent hotels that will accommodate your every whim and desire. From the Sofitel, the Pullman, Mgallery to the low-cost hotelF1, we are you best bet to enjoy, to relax, to indulge yourself and your family with the best of everything to make your stay the most enjoyable and the most memorable visit to a hotel that you have ever had. There are prices for every family, businessman or couple that is traveling for various reasons, but want the best, the cheapest, or just a place to lay down and rest, without the world coming to your door and knocking, Accor is for you.

Many of our hotels have been in business for decades, and are still the finest hotels in their locales, with the best amenities and staff in the hotel business. Accor had over 1000 hotels in America, 180 hotels in South America, 112 hotels in Africa, 190 hotels in Australia, 264 hotels in Asia, 43 in the Middle East and 2423 hotels in Europe, so whatever continent you want to travel in, we are there. Accor guarantees you the best prices for their hotels, the highest quality of service, real-time availability and a secure online payment system that personalizes your reservations down to the kind of chocolate you want on your pillow. Wherever you go, we will be there waiting for you with a turned down bed, the cleanest rooms and areas in our hotels, with many offering the finest gourmet style restaurants in the world. We are committed to making your stay the best you have ever had, and we stand behind every room, service and amenity you desire.

Let Accor show you what the world looks like from a magnificent room with a stupendous view, in any one of the seven continents, with more than 150,000 staff people to wait on you hand and foot. We also have some of the best spa hotels in the world as well. We care about your needs and will cater to whatever desires you have or can think of. Accor should be your first choice, since we are the first choice of the majority of world travelers, and we always welcome your input for any kind of better service you might think of.